Edgewater Natural Family Medicine is streamlining and cha’ cha’ changing! We appreciate you bearing with us as these changes occur at our clinics! We believe in being transparent and open with you, our loyal patients, whether you have been with us for years or are looking at coming to our clinic for the 1st time! Patient care is our #1 priority!


  • Our Alexandria Clinic location is now located in the beautiful New Hope Healing and Resource Center located in the Tastefully Simple building. 

  • Dr. Lee Aberle will continue to see Alexandria patients at our Alex location until we sublease the space (know someone who would love a beautiful office at an amazing price, msg us!).Once we have subleased that location we will STILL have a location in Alexandria for patient appointments, with even more services! So, no worries- you are important to us and we will continue your care! If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these changes, please call us at 320.253.4112.

  • We have a new face joining the team! We are excited to welcome Liza Aberle, who recently graduated with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  (Yep, she's Dr. Lee's younger sister- but don't tell Dr. Lee that makes her the old doc!). She will be precepting with Dr. Lee to begin- so if you see a new face, welcome her to Edgewater!

  • Bowenwork Therapy is now being offered by Kim Kenning at Edgewater St. Cloud! If you have not heard of Bowenwork, check it out here!  Appointments are made directly through Kim at 320.260.9404.

  • Karen Nielsen of Well Pointe Oriental Medicine, LLC, our Edgewater St. Cloud Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs expert, is now offering Ion Foot Baths! Contact Karen directly for more information and to schedule your appointment today at 320.293.039



More News Coming Soon! Keep an eye out for information regarding office/appointment hour changes for St. Cloud--> new late day and early morning appointment availability coming this fall! And NEW supplement discounts giving you exciting savings throughout the year!


We know it was a popular program but changes in the supplement industry means that we have to adapt as well. Therefore we've come to the decision that it's best to remove this program.


In the short term we are offering all patients free shipping on all supplement orders over $100. And because of the changes in the Alexandria clinic staffing, we will ship all Alex orders for free during the month of September. 


Phone and email changes. We are streamlining our phones and email in order to better serve you. Please note these changes and add them to your phone and email program.

  • will still be our main email for patient questions about labs and other questions

  • Supplement re-orders should still be sent to for the most prompt attention 

  • Questions to staff or doctors about your treatment plans or to update your progress with us should still be sent through your patient portal

  • Use 320-253-4112 for calls and 320-253-4116 for faxes. At the end of this month the 219-6800 and 219-6801 phone numbers will no longer be active. We are shifting all calls to St. Cloud so we can best help you quickly. 


Phew- thanks for reading all of that! We know that was a a lot of information, but we want you to know what’s happening this fall at Edgewater Natural Family Medicine. We realize there will be some transitioning and speed bumps along the way for us and our patients- bear with us as we go through these changes and as always, please contact us with any questions or concerns! We appreciate your continued support!

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