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Ordering Supplements Online

Welcome to your online dispensary. We are proud to offer you access to the top professional quality supplements at a discounted price. Most of our patients already use some of these supplements and are familiar with them from our offices. 


What makes this different? The convenience of online ordering. Discounted prices. Free shipping (see below for more details). Access for you, your family, your friends, your pets or anyone you want to refer to the top quality, top rated, most effective and completely vetted supplements, personal care products, food products, and even veterinarian supplies. 


And you DO NOT have to be a patient with us to access these items. 


Things to note before ordering:

  • There are multiple options for ordering your supplements online.  This is due to the fact that one distributor does not carry everything you may need. And you can also find some products at more than one distributor.  Great news is that Full Script and NP Script are merging into one company, making the ordering process even easier over the coming months! 

  • Not every supplement we recommend can be found in any of the below online ordering options. Some of the specialized items for your individualized care can only be purchased through specialty accounts and are not available online. We hope you understand. 

  • Should you not be able to find a product you are looking for, please call our office (320-253-4112 or 320-219-6800) and we can assist you in finding the product, pull it for pick up at our St. Cloud or Alexandria location or ship it to you from our office (regular shipping rates apply)

  • There are multiple other products available for purchase in our dispensaries including veterinary supplements, food products, and feminine and personal care products.

  • Orders placed online will receive 5% off the entire order ALL month long.

  • Shipping rates vary with each site, but it is possible to get free shipping through some for an order of as little as $50.


We are very excited to be able to offer these options. We will continue to work hard for you to get you the highest quality items at the best possible prices. If you have any questions or any suggestions for improvement, please email us at info@edgewatermed.comand as always, you can call with questions (320-253-4112 or 320-219-6800).


Enjoy using your new dispensaries and happy shopping!


In Health,


Dr. Lee Aberle and the staff at Edgewater 




Below is information to assist you in ordering your supplements online at a discount and often with free shipping. .  Please read through all the information below before placing your order. 



  • Visit Website: https://edgewater.nutridyn.com

  • Select “Create Account” at top right.  

  • Click “Patient” 

  • Enter First and Last name, Phone Number, Email Address, Practitioner Code, and Password 

  • Select “Submit”. 

Full Script:

  • Visit Website: http://www.wholescripts.com/register/Edgewater

  • Enter your email address (note: if you are a new patient, we need to add you to the system before you will be able to log in. Established patients are good to go.)

  • Enter your password 

  • Click “Login”



  • Click “I have a referral code” at top left of webpage.  

  • Enter referral code (ENFM), practitioner’s last name “Aberle” and your email address 

  • Click “verify”.

  • On the next screen enter the following information: email address, first name, last name, phone number, choose a password and type a second time, street address, city, state, zip code, country

  • Click “register”.  

  • To access catalog and place order, select “Order Product”