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It's your new year for a Women's retreat.

There is an old saying that you can't save a drowning person if you are drowning. You have to be healthy and safe to help others or yourself. And we are creating a safe and healthy space for a weekend women's retreat on January 26th to 28th.

This wonderful learning and healing experience will be a 2-night stay and includes food, yoga, and expert instruction on changing your interior dialogue, harnessing your inner critic, hormonal health, pelvic floor health, intuition and self-defense, mindfulness, and more. It is going to be an amazing healing weekend.

This event will be at the amazing Gathered Oaks venue. For more information please go to: .

And yes, I am one of the presenters. I've been working on my topic already and going over the latest research and treatment ideas. But having said that, anyone who knows me knows that I will be focusing on the simple and effective. I hope to see you there.

Register here for sisterhood and healing.

Women's Retreat

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