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Late Summer closed days.

Hi all,

Both Docs and the staff will be taking a few days off at the end of summer to rejuvenate so we can come back strong for the fall.

We will be closed from August 30 through September 4th.

Dr. Lee will be taking a yearly camping trip with friends. Her goal is to work her way though most of the state parks. She says that there is so much variety in the state and out park system is wonderful. She plans on catching up with her reading, mystery novels being a passion.

Dr. Liza will be spending her time in Colorado visiting family with her husband. She loves the mountains and will spend her time there enjoying the amazing views.

We will be back on September 5th. If you need a fall tune up or wellness check for your kids or a sports physical, we are hear to help.

Your symptoms tell a story and we are listening.

Jeff Friesen - manager

fall relaxing
Fall coffee with a book

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