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New Study confirms that Amazon supplements are not reliable

A recently published study in JAMA found that nutritional supplements purchased on Amazon often contained contaminants or an incorrect amount of the ingredients listed. 

The researchers purchased ten galantamine products (a supplement to support cognition) and found them to contain anywhere from 2% to 110% of the active ingredient on the label. 30% of them were contaminated with bacteria. Yikes.

Although nutritional supplements are supposed to provide accurate information on the label, there is no strict regulation or monitoring in the US to ensure that. This is why it’s critical to purchase supplements from trusted sources.

On this webpage, we maintain account access to the main reputable doctor-level supplement companies. These companies maintain environmentally/temperature—and air-controlled warehouses and ship carefully to patients. They don't sell expired products. They don't sell dodgy products. These manufacturers guarantee that you get exactly what you pay for. Nothing more or less.

If you want to buy supplements of the best quality and at a good price, check them out on our supplement page. Only the best of our patients and clients.

Drs. Lee and Liza.

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