• Dr. Lee Aberle, ND, IFMCP

No More Masks (at least for now)

Good news, viral loads of covid are now down in the 3 counties that we track for Edgewater. If you want more updated information for your county, click here for a good link with current and updated information.

So for the (hopefully) future, Edgewater will not longer require masks while in clinic. However, most staff will continue to wear them for your safety.

We are still encouraging patients with compromised immune systems, recent exposure to Covid or other infectious diseases, anyone showing symptoms of possible infections to wear a mask. If you are not sure please ask any staff member. If you need a mask, we have you covered with free ones.

We will keep you updated and informed as changes to local conditions change. Dr. Aberle monitors week viral load counts and other infectious disease markers and will change policy to protect her patients as needed.

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone, including our medically compromised patients safe. Your willingness to help out has been noticed and is deeply appreciated by everyone here.

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