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  • Dr. Lee Aberle, ND, IFMCP

Stress Busters

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I think many of us need this cartoon right now. In times of high stress, let's not forget to give ourselves some TLC. But sometimes we need a little more.

And if that doesn't work and your stress and anxiety are overwhelming you, we have a bio-hack that will help. If you take 1mg of melatonin every hour that you are awake it will help your body to burn off the excess cortisol which is fueling your stress and anxiety. But we have an even better solution that (see the bottom of this post for a better way).

Most people who struggle with anxiety need to find ways to lower their cortisol levels. Often called the “fight or flight” chemical, cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and acts as an overall stimulant. It causes your heart to beat faster, your blood vessels to constrict, and your muscles to tense in response to a perceived threat, whether real or imagined. Cortisol is an important part of overall, robust health because it gives you the energy and focus to conquer challenges. It’s a good thing—provided it’s temporary. But too much cortisol in your bloodstream on an ongoing basis causes and/or exacerbates anxiety, and can also wreak havoc on your health in many other ways.

When your cortisol levels spike, a rush of amino acids are released from the muscles and glucose is released from the liver into the bloodstream so you’re supplied with the energy needed to deal with the crisis situation at hand. But prolonged elevated cortisol levels can increase anxiety, sap energy, and interfere with your body’s ability to heal. Our bodies are equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that fight cancer, prevent infection, repair wounds, and protect us from infectious agents and foreign bodies.

Let me repeat that last part - cortisol interferes with your ability to fight off infections. I hope you understand why this is important, especially now.

Here is our better way. It's called Melatonin TR Pro and it provides the correct dose at only 1 pill every 4 hours. It's more convenient, not expensive and works great. Everyone in the office is taking these every 4 hours like clockwork and it works. And we have it available to our patients, and for the duration of this emergency, the general public.

Go HERE, sign up using our PRACTIONER CODE 111219, and do a quick search for Melatonin TR Pro.

Free shipping over $49, plus full access to professional quality supplements.

Remember we are all in this together.

Dr. Lee

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