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Upcoming Thermography Dates

Edgewater is proud to work with Mobile Medical Thermography Imaging and Kristy Nelson, Certified Clinical Technician to provide our patients and the general public with thermographic imaging


Your cost includes analysis by the best thermography radiologists we are aware of. And Kristy uses some of the latest and most advanced equipment so you get a tremendous detailed scan.

Best of all there are grants available for those who qualify. If you are eligible for a full grant, a breast exam can cost as little as $13.

To find out more, get your questions answered, or book an appointment please call Kristy directly at (507) 626-4823., (online scheduling is available)

She will joyfully answer all your questions and help you in your journey toward preventative medicine.

Her next dates are

  • Thursday, June 9th

  • Friday, July 22nd

  • Thursday, August 12th

  • Thursday, September 15th

  • Friday, October 14th

  • Thursday, November 10th

  • Friday, December 9th.

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