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This is a link to the FDA public comment site that will allow you to ask that the FDA NOT remove or restrict glutathione from the public. And here is the bad part. Today is the last DAY.

This link will allow you to make a public comment about how glutathione has helped you.

Many of you may not know that my husband, Jeff, has a genetic defect that doesn't allow him to produce a normal amount of glutathione in his liver to function and live. While he might not die if this product is removed from the market, his quality of life will diminish greatly.

Some people call Glutathione the master detoxifier and it is essential for livers to function correctly. Without it the body experiences inflammation (you swell up), muscle and joint pain, headaches migraines, insomnia, fatigue, pain, and anxiety.

Jeff told me that for about 3 years before we discovered the genetic link and were able to target his deficiency directly, he had thoughts of suicide, often thinking about ending his life rather than continuing in such pain.

And while not everyone has genetics like my husband, there are patients out there who need it to one degree or another. This is needed and it will affect quite a few people.

So, if you have a story to tell, or you know someone you can share this with, then please tell your story and share this link with one friend or family member. Let your voices be heard.

Together we can make a difference.

I deeply appreciate your help.

Dr. Lee Aberle, ND, IFMCP

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