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Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic Coaching is a model of coaching that helps clients determine and achieve personal goals, allows the client to release and/or transform the past and allows the client to change and transform any problem, unwanted feeling or behavior.  A therapeutic coach becomes certified as a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Quantum Physics, Systems work, Hypnosis and a multitude of coaching techniques.  These skills allow the client and practitioner an array of choices about how to approach a problem, by discovering the root and applying a multitude of techniques to attain the desired outcome.


“NLP is a communication model that through language, the practitioner learns how the problem is structured for that person. Knowing the structure of a problem affords us the knowledge of taking the problem apart and replacing it with a desired positive outcome. This is accomplished through techniques that include changing beliefs, values, installing new self-image, relationship resolution, healing the past, modeling excellence and so much more. When working with a Therapeutic Coach the client does not have to relive the unpleasantness of the issue. Through elegance and expertise, the Therapeutic Coach has the ability to pace and lead the client through the identification and investigation of the issue while the client remains resourceful and supported. After the problem is identified, the solution begins with the application of a technique(s). The technique changes the neural network where the problem was stored and the client is at the point of embracing their outcome.  NLP derives some of its principles, techniques and applications from the work of people like Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Milton Erickson, Carl Jung and Robert Dilts. This is best noted in the techniques that facilitate a client experiencing all possibilities, including the role of their higher consciousness in their work. Whatever a client holds as spiritual beliefs can be incorporated in their work.”


“Hypnosis is a powerful tool for transformation used for a variety of issues that clients present. With hypnosis, we are able to establish deep rapport between the conscious and unconscious mind. This relationship is key to the client, because this further allows them to function as a whole mind in their life, which will always give the best results. Hypnosis gives the client an opportunity to explore themselves deeper in a relaxed, comfortable and safe method. The Therapeutic Coach has the skills necessary to facilitate trance in an effective way that is tailored to the client’s present needs and desires. Problems are transformed and/or released and outcomes are achieved.”


Therapeutic coaching can help guide and support you to release that which no longer serves you.  Through therapeutic coaching you can gain:

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved relationships

  • Ability to manage emotions

  • Increased confidence

  • Ability to make decisions

  • Ability to manage conflict

  • Renewed sense of hope for the future

  • Ability to communicate thoughts and feelings

  • Sense of freedom to “just be me” and be happy with the person you were created to be

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