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Upcoming Thermography Appointment Times

Here are our upcoming dates and times for Thermography at Edgewater Natural Family Medicine.

  • July 9

  • August 6

  • September 17

  • October 8

  • November 12

  • December 10

For our testing, we use Kristy Nelson of Mobile Medical Thermography Imaging (MMTI) :

For more information about prices see:

There are several reasons we use MMTI. First, their equipment is very advanced and has about 4 times the resolution of other services. Better resolution on the equipment = more accurate results. Second, Kristy is great with patients and is very focused on patient care and service. Patients love her. And finally, she has sources for grants that many patients qualify for grants. (availability varies so contact Kristy at to see if you qualify) .

To book a time please call Kristy directly at 507 626-4823

Here is a review of Thermography. Keep in mind that it is considered a first-line diagnosis in much of Europe, but the American medical system has not caught up yet. I liked this article for its balance.

If you suspect you may have cancer we strongly suggest that you also contact your primary care provider for another opinion.

Dr. Lee Aberle

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