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Winter Updates

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a great start to what is going to be a wonderful winter. I love winter, snuggling with a warm blanket and a steaming cup of tea while reading a great book.

Here are the exciting new discounts and our next Thermography Appointment day.

At Edgewater, we are always ready to help out our patients, their families and friends, and anyone who is interested in taking charge of their health. Recently we ran an online poll about using our companies contacts and leverage to provide patients with bargains on some great health bargains. And the response was overwhelmingly a resounding YES!

And we are listening. We have while renegotiating our contracts with a few companies we have arranged for patient discounts.

The first is for Ionic Footbaths from AMD. AMD is the best footbath in North America, bar none. They back up their products and all manufacturing is local. If you are not sure if you want one of these great products in your home, then you can contact Karen Neilsen to book an appointment at Edgewater to try it out. Karen's number is 320 293-0394. We recommend the IonCleanse Solo for home use. If you order one, be sure to mention Edgewater Natural Family Medicine and we will give you a credit of $100 dollars to use as you want at Edgewater. This will happen once AMD verifies your purchase. Click here to learn more with the Toxin Awareness Guide.

Toxin Awareness Guide
Download PDF • 5.22MB

The second is for the air filters we use in the office. Healthway is just about the best air filter for the money on the market. We run the ones in the clinic 24/7 year-round and they just work. We have one filter that has been running without interruption for 10 years and it is still working great. If you mention Edgewater will ordering you get $100 off your purchase immediately. Contact Healthy Indoor Air at 952 767-0430 or at 866 332-7247. To find out more about this filter and why we think it is so excellent go to .

Our next thermography appointments are on November 19th with Mobile Medical Thermograpy Imaging . Thermography can be used for early testing for Breast Cancer and health as well as cardiac issues and un-diagnosed infections.

Give the thermographer Kristy Nelson a call to schedule your next appointment.

Did you know that you might qualify for a grant? Call 507-626-4823 to find out more.

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